boxes containing lateral flow tests are stacked on a table. The boxes are white and blue and have an NHS logo

Where to get free no-symptom tests this week

There are a number of walk-in no-symptom testing clinics this week.

With cases having increased in Hull over the past few weeks, routine testing with LFTs  is one of the most effective ways to prevent spreading the virus without knowing.

LFTs are fast, free and available for everyone. They pick up the virus in people who do not have any symptoms. They can then isolate and avoid unknowingly giving the virus to others.

Here’s where to get LFTs free and instantly this week:

  • Greenwich Avenue shops, 10am-3pm, Monday and Tuesday
  • Ings Shopping Centre, 10am-3pm, Wednesday and Thursday
  • The ReNew centre, Beverley Rd, Friday.

Anyone can have a test administered, or collect kits to take home. No appointments are needed, just walk-in.

Current Coronavirus safety advice is:

  • Wear a mask in any enclosed and crowded spaces
  • Wash and sanitise hands frequently
  • Continue taking regular no-symptom tests (LFTs)
  • Isolate immediately and book a PCR test if you have a temperature, cough, or can’t taste or smell anything
  • Anyone 12+ can have a Coronavirus vaccination. Book online now, or check locations of local pop-up sessions.

Get more info on LFTs here:

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