The Guildhall in Hull, with Charles Wilson statue in the foreground
The Guildhall in Hull. (Picture: 43 Clicks North on Unplash)

Consultant experts appointed as District Heating project progresses

Consultant experts Ove Arup and Partners have been appointed to support the delivery of the Hull District Heating Network across the city.

This project will provide heating and hot water at a lower cost than other low carbon heating solutions, benefitting both the public and private sectors, whilst also saving more than 2,000 tons of carbon emissions a year.

The network provides heating and hot water from a central source to buildings connected to it through underground pipes.

Hull City Council’s Cabinet in 2020 approved the 2030 Carbon Neutral Hull Strategy providing the strategic framework for the reduction of carbon emissions from production and consumption activity by this date to reduce the impact of climate change on the city.

The council also has a commitment to become net zero by 2040, with the city aiming for net zero by 2045 and Hull District Heating Network is a key component of the council’s plans to achieve these aims.

In 2021, government launched the £270m Green Heat Network Fund which, for the first time, will only fund heat networks which use low carbon technologies such as heat pumps, waste heat and energy from geothermal sources.

Hull City Council received £13m of the Green Heat Network Fund and has appointed Ove Arup and Partners to assist with making this project a reality.

Garry Taylor, Hull City Council’s assistant director for major projects, culture and place, said: “It’s exciting that the council is able to appoint Ove Arup and Partners to help deliver the Hull District Heating Network.

“This is an important project which will assist the council to realise its aims of carbon neutrality and becoming net zero.”

Hull District Heating Network will now begin a period of public and stakeholder engagement.

You can find out more about the Hull District Heating Network here.

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