The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of roadworks.

Hull City Council’s Cabinet consider adopting lane rental scheme 

Hull City Council’s Cabinet has given the green light to explore the operation of a new lane rental scheme, a move which will enhance roadwork efficiency and reduce disruption on the city’s busiest streets at the busiest times. 

Under the scheme, which was discussed at Cabinet on Monday 20 May, works undertaken on the highway by utility companies could incur a daily fee of up to £2,500 for digging up the busiest sections of Hull’s roads and pavements during peak hours.  

The ultimate aim is to encourage those undertaking works to carry out their tasks in a less disruptive manner, therefore freeing up the road network and reducing their length of time on site.  

Councillor Mark Ieronimo, Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Roads, and Highways, said: “Works carried out on the highway are necessary in order to provide and maintain essential services and transport networks on which we all depend.    

“However, whilst they are essential, Hull’s road network has long been plagued by disruptive works, causing inconvenience to residents, businesses, and commuters alike. 

“The lane rental scheme is a significant step towards balancing roadworks with daily life. On this basis, I fully support the efforts to create a smoother and less disruptive urban environment for all.”  

Operating costs for the scheme would be met by Hull City Council from the fees charged to the utility companies. 

The collected funds will be reinvested into repairing the city’s potholes, as well as new disruption-saving techniques that would stream-line roadworks and minimise delays caused by works on the highway. 

In the coming months, a consultation process will be undertaken with all key stakeholders and interested parties. The consultation will determine if the scheme is adopted, as well as which streets and times will be included, with the overall aim of reducing the impact of roadworks.     

Ideal Heating Heat Pump Technical Sales Manager, John Jackson, right, and Cllr Paul Drake-Davis, Hull City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Housing, inspect one the heat pumps installed as part of the trial project.