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The Big Answer; survey captures the voice of the young generation

Children and young people in Hull, and across the country, were asked to give their views on what the Government should prioritise in planning the recovery from the coronavirus outbreak, in The Big Ask.

The Big Ask was the largest ever national survey of children in England, driven by the Children’s Commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza, who began a major review of the future of childhood.

Over 557,000 children and young people responded and the results have now been published in the Big Answer.

Children were united in what they said across all identity groups, every part of the country and across all age groups – they said they want to get back to school, to get on, and do well. To have fulfilling lives. To look after their families. To make their communities better. They want to contribute to a better, fairer world – and crucially, they care about a greener world and the environment.

The Big Answer shares children’s responses and what can be done to answer them.


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