A parent with infant in car seat
The events are aimed at improving child car safety.

Child car safety workshops piloted across Hull

This week, parents and carers throughout Hull have a unique opportunity to meet child seat experts to learn more about how to keep their children safer in cars.

New child car safety workshops are being piloted in children’s centres across Hull and provided by Good Egg Safety, an internationally awarded non-profit organisation funded by Government and local authorities.

Where to find the Good Egg Safety workshops...

Monday 23 May  Tuesday 24 MayWednesday 25 MayThursday 26 MayFriday 27 May
The Acorns Children's Centre, Nestor Grove HU9 4DB. (9.30-11.15am)Lemon Tree Children's Centre (Meeting & Training Room), Lothian Way, Bransholme HU7 1DD. (9.30-11.15am)Priory Children's Centre, Priory Road, HU5 5RU. (9.30-11.15am)  Fenchurch Children's Centre Fenchurch Street, HU5 1JF. (9.30-11.15am)Little Stars Children's Centre, 95 Preston Road, HU9 3QB. (9.30-11.15am)
Parks Children's Centre (Meeting Room), Courtway Road, HU6 9TA. (1.15-3pm)Marfleet Children's Centre (Meeting & Training Room), Preston Road, HU9 5AN. (1pm-2.45pm)

Good Egg Safety has checked and made safe more than 40,000 child seats since 2001 and their findings show around two thirds of child seats remain incorrectly fitted to either child, car or both. This puts children at risk of serious harm.

To help address the number of in-car child casualties in Hull, Good Egg obtained a small grant from the Department of Transport to deliver a pilot for In-Car Safety workshops within Hull’s children centres.

Christine Fitzgerald, Project Director said: “Here at Good Egg Safety, we’re passionate about keeping kids safer in cars.

“We have checked and made safe more than 40,000 child seats at our free Community Check and Police Enforcement events since 2001.

“Through our research and working with industry, behavioural change experts and road safety professionals, we have developed a bespoke workshop that will be piloted in Hull next week.”

“There will also be a free prize draw for parents who attend the workshops, with a new child car seat up for grabs.”

For more information, visit Good Egg Safety.

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