A man and woman on a bus
Hull is well-served by excellent bus services. Picture: Bianca Berg

5 ways to beat the traffic in Hull

Motorists across Hull may have noticed a marked increase in traffic across the city as crucial works take place to repair road surfaces, build flood defences and install a multi-million pound footbridge.

Utility companies are also now carrying out vital repairs to ensure people have access to water, gas and electricity.

That means delays to motorists are expected.

But the city is well-stocked with more environmentally friendly and sometimes quicker modes of transport that motorists can consider as part of their travel plans. Instead of picking up the car keys, why not …

1. Get on your bike

With a flat terrain to rival Amsterdam, Utrecht and Copenhagen, more people could take advantage of cycling into work. A cheap and environmentally friendly transport mode, it’s good for both mental and physical health. It gives you time to enjoy the changing seasons, see wildlife and arrive to work in a better frame of mind without the aggro of commuting. With off-road cycle routes throughout the city and dedicated cycle lanes on all major routes, there is no better way to get around. Read about Hull’s commitment to cycling here.

2. Take a walk

Wish you were doing more for the environment? If you live within a short (or long) stroll from your job, try chucking your work shoes in a backpack and lacing up a pair of trainers to stride past the queuing traffic while also benefiting from exercise and fresh air. Walking has a host of benefits and is a good reason to pop on some headphones and listen to music, catch-up on a podcast or get lost in the world of an audiobook. It would also contribute to achieving the target of 10,000 steps a day. We should all walk more. It’s easier than you think and best of all, it’s completely free.

3. Jump on a bus

Commuters in Hull and the surrounding area are spoiled for choice with excellent bus services from Stagecoach and East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS), making it a super accessible form of transport for motorists who would prefer to do something more valuable with their time, rather than sitting behind the wheel in stagnant traffic. You can also save a lot of money that would be spent on fuel and also help the environment – and the traffic levels – by ensuring one more car is off the busy roads.

4. Board a train

Trains are a faster mode of transport, saving commuters a whole lot of time. Trains bring you into the heart of the city while again freeing up valuable time that can be spent on more fulfilling activities. Read a book or enjoy a morning coffee while admiring scenic views through the large train windows. Or, if you must, download that latest Netflix series to your smartphone and get lost in worlds of Windsors, wrestlers or women’s prisons.

5. Try a car-share

If driving is your only viable option, then consider car sharing with a colleague – you know, the one who lives around the corner who gives a slightly awkward nod from time to time when you are both facing a fight through traffic. Be brave and propose a share. Those who live in the west of the city can make use of the city’s excellent park and ride service.

Hull City Council is planning a cycling strategy to look at current and future potential for cycling, the key routes and areas where further investment is required. The authority is also developing a Local Cycling and Walking Investment Plan to meet recommendations from the Department for Transport.

Rei Gyaamie, Trinity Live