Chips discarded on the ground in Hull. The Deep can be seen in the background
Litter discarded in Hull.

Hull resident prosecuted for littering  

Hull City Council is continuing to warn residents to dispose of their litter responsibly, to avoid a substantial fine or prosecution. 

The warning comes after a resident was convicted in Hull Magistrates’ Court after littering from their vehicle on Lothian Way, Hull. 

The individual, Miss Faye Holmes of Dulverton Close, Hull, who failed to attend Hull Magistrates’ Court was convicted in her absence to an offence, contrary to section 87(1) Environmental Protection Act 1990 and was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £558 and obtained a criminal record.   

Councillor Julia Conner, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “Despite residents being repeatedly asked to take their litter home or dispose of it responsibly, there are still individuals who think it’s acceptable to throw litter on the ground, or out of their vehicles. It makes the city look unsightly. 
“At Hull City Council we want to make it absolutely clear that littering will not be tolerated.   

“We urge residents to always dispose of waste responsibly and in accordance with the law, to avoid being fined or prosecuted.” 

Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, makes it an offence for any person to throw down, drop or otherwise deposit and leave litter. 

The Council also has the power under this act to issue fixed penalty fines to the registered keeper of a vehicle where littering is observed, including when the litterer is a passenger. 

Offences can result in a £100 fixed penalty, reduced to £80 if paid within the early payment period, or prosecution and a maximum fine of £2,500.  

Anyone issued with a fixed penalty notice for littering should pay it to avoid a fine and criminal record. 

To report persons responsible for littering (this includes littering from vehicles or businesses), visit Littering | Hull, or call, 01482 300 300.