Move more – with Peter Levy and other local legends

People around Hull are making the pledge to move more, and the latest to make his promise to be more active is BBC Look North news presenter Peter Levy. Peter, who has been the face of Look North’s evening news for 18 years, has recorded a video urging people in the city to join him in getting more active.

In his video message, Peter joked: “I’m getting behind this campaign to get Hull more active but you couldn’t have come to a worse person for advice. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t play any sports but have been making an effort. It started by accident under lockdown – I’d make use of the permitted daily exercise iby doing a 50-minute walk from here at Victoria Dock to the marina and back.

“I’m urging you to get fit – whether that’s the gym, taking the stairs instead of the lift or a ten minute walk. Make a pledge and just say what you’re going to do. If you’re around the marina, I might see you there”.

With half term approaching and plenty of opportunities for families to get involved in activities together, Claire Farrow, Programme Lead for Healthy Places at Hull City Council, urged people to take the opportunity to make their own pledge.

“Being active isn’t just one thing – it’s not lycra, gyms and running. It can be getting involved in gardening together, going for a walk, playing ball games in the park, a bike ride or walking to the shops.

“The idea of making a pledge is that you can decide to do something that fits in with your life and suits you – building it in, rather than adding it in. For example, if you’re not working from home but would rather not use busses, you could plan to walk or cycle to work, or do the same for the school run.

“All activity counts and you really can feel the benefits mentally and physically of making really small changes.

“The Get Hull Active website is a great place to find activities. As we head into winter and both adults and children understandably feel anxious about coronavirus, regularly walking, cycling or getting involved in active play together can help maintain routine and boost your mood.

“It’s great to have the backing of people and organisations within the city – we’d love to see your own pledges, wither on the website or on social media. Share them using #GetHullActive and #MoveMore”.

Make your pledge now and find opportunities to get active:

Watch Peter’s video and others here:

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