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Councils pledge support for those affected by incident at Legacy Independent Funeral Directors

Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, working with public and voluntary sector partners, have pledged support for those affected by the incident at Legacy Independent Funeral Directors, which has branches in Hull and East Riding.

The two local authorities have been working with Humberside Police since the ongoing investigation began. As detectives continue their work, alongside the National Crime Agency (NCA), the councils are leading and co-ordinating the work to understand the help people will need, and how to provide it.

Cllr Mike Ross, Leader of Hull City Council, said: “Firstly, I want to express my deepest condolences to those families directly affected by the events that have taken place. We know there are many residents right across Hull who are deeply affected by this event. The initial stages of the investigation, and work to identify those directly affected is being led by our police colleagues, who continue to work tirelessly and with great care to support those families at this time. My thanks go to them for all they are doing.

“As the investigation continues, we recognise people will need ongoing support and we want them to know that that both councils, and all the agencies involved, are working hard to ensure that this will be there for them.

“Over the past week teams from both Hull and East Riding councils have been working to anticipate the support needed and how we can ensure it is provided. We will be working directly with families who are very sadly involved in this incident to ensure their needs are met.

“We also understand that this reaches much wider. Our communities will have questions, concerns and ultimately will need help to recover and find a way to move forward with confidence in the services they provide for their loved ones as a last act of love and care.

“Like all of you, everyone at Hull City Council has been deeply shocked and saddened by these recent events, and this is an unprecedented incident. We want people in Hull to know that we are working hard to ensure you are supported, as are our partners, including the NHS, faith leaders, and community support services. We will provide further updates about how we will help, and how that help will be available.”

Cllr Anne Handley, Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “My thoughts are with everyone affected by this unprecedented incident that has affected so many people. 

“Our council, along with Hull City Council, is working to provide support to residents who may be affected in many different ways.  

“One of the ways we will be helping is to make sure people know about, and have access to, a range of emotional support. We have begun working with our partners, such as GPs, who can help signpost people to the right support for them. Working with partners, we are collaboratively committed to supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of our communities, both in the short term and in the longer-term. 

“We are now working through how we deliver support and recovery going forwards and we will be in a position to provide more information over the next week or so”.

The police investigation into this incident is ongoing. Anyone with concerns directly related to the case should contact the dedicated helpline, on: 0800 051 4674 or, if calling from abroad, 0207 126 7619. Alternatively, visit the Humberside Police Major Incident Portal (MIPP).

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