Operation Safepass
The distance that should be maintained between a cyclist and a car.

Motorists are being warned to keep their distance from cyclists

Cyclists in Hull will be better protected on the city’s roads under plans improve their safety.

Operation Safe Pass is a campaign that has been launched today by Hull City Council and Humberside Police targeting motorists that pass too close to cyclists.

Qualified cyclists have been out on the road, complete with helmet cameras, cycling at the correct distance from the kerb.

Motorists overtaking the bikes contravening the Highway Code rule of 1.5 metres will be pulled over by the police and receive a training session about the need for the distance.

Operation Safe Pass

The required distance between the kerb, a cyclist and a motorist

A similar scheme run by West Midlands Police is indicating a noticeable drop in cycle casualties.

Councillor Anita Harrison, portfolio holder for Streetscene, said: “We all have a responsibility to make the roads safe for drivers and cyclists and that is why we are asking motorists to be aware of their surroundings and road position at all times.

“It is in the interest of motorists to become used to cyclists travelling in this position, as this is what we are teaching children in Primary School to do through Bikeability – the new cycling proficiency training.

“Remember, distance does makes the difference.”

Cyclists are also encouraged to keep a minimum distance of 0.75m from the kerb as this position makes them more visible to motorists.

Below are some top tips on staying safe on the roads:

  • Concentrate – a small lapse in concentration could mean you fail to see an unprotected person
  • Observe – use your mirrors regularly and pay close attention to your surroundings. Adjust your driving orcycling to the road conditions. Drivers need to pay special attention to cyclists near junctions
  • Anticipate – you can’t always predict what other road users will do. Expect cyclists to change position on the road unexpectedly to avoid hazards
  • Give space – more room between you and other road users gives you more time to react
  • Give time – allow slower road users to travel safely, don’t pressure or harass them

Find more information on how to improve your safety when cycling on the roads here.

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