National Fostering Fortnight Has Begun

Today is the start of this year’s national Fostering Fortnight 🥳

Between 15th – 28th May 2023, across the country, the nation will collectively celebrate the wonderful world of fostering.

Hull Fostering has always been super proud of our foster carers, so using these two weeks to really spread the word about fostering can only work in our children’s favour.

In the following video, you will meet Nora 🥰

Nora and Pete have provided long-term foster care for siblings, short-term and even emergency care to nine children since becoming foster carers with Hull Fostering back in December 2014.

The couple are currently caring for a four-year-old little boy who they offered to look after overnight back in January 2023 whilst a search was ongoing for a suitable long-term home for him.

Nora and Pete quickly identified the little boy’s triggers and were able to support him in feeling calm in a new place with new people. What was supposed to be just one overnight stay has now progressed into the little boy staying with the couple long-term.

In this video, Nora shares what it is like to be a foster carer, the process and the many reasons she and her husband will long continue to foster children in Hull.

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