Large stone coloured mountain shaped sculptures in an open space with trees.
Liminal Creative's past work Sirens will also be presented. Sirens was commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust and created in partnership with Pan Intercultural Arts

‘Rediscover’ Ferens Art Gallery at new exhibition

An exciting new exhibition ‘Rediscovering Ferens’ has opened at Ferens Art Gallery.

Running until Sunday 21 May, the exhibition focusses on the theme of identity and curators have explored what identity means to them, and to communities in Hull.

The exhibition has been co-curated by young volunteers aged 18 – 25 years from the Future Ferens, the Warren Youth Project, and Community Curator Sorcha Ni Foghluda.

It will showcase key works from the Ferens permanent collection that resonate with the identity theme, alongside new works made by the young people in response. Works from the collection selected by the young people include; Christopher Nevinson, Asters, Oil on canvas, c. 1930, Henry Moore’s Draped Torso, bronze sculpture, 1953, as well as two photographs by contemporary artist Seamus Nicolson. It will encourage visitors to look again and rediscover the Ferens collection and how they identify with it.

A free public events programme will also run from 1 – 16 April, led by young people from the Future Ferens and the Warren. The programme will offer an opportunity for the young curators and creatives to share their work, and for visitors to contribute their ideas about identity and the Ferens collection. These events will also explore missing identities and how we might better reflect the dynamics of local communities in Hull, in the past, present, and future. More details can be found at and on the gallery’s social media channels.

Alonsgide the exhibition, Ferens Art Gallery is also delighted to announce its first open call artist in residence will be Liminal Creative, led by Hull based artist Louise Cole. Liminal Creative is an artist collective exploring collaborative practice.

Louise Cole will be working as the Ferens artist in residence until Sunday 21 May at the gallery and has been invited to create new work in response to the Rediscovering Ferens exhibition. In addition to this work Liminal Creative will be working with primary schools in the museum’s membership scheme, to deliver a series of practical workshops and teacher training opportunities.  

Liminal Creative’s work is socially engaged and created around themes of connection and connectivity. They use non touch creative technology to produce safe interactive and participatory experiences and installation for public space. The collective has a specific focus on accessibility, with offers and considerations made to audiences with complex care needs, learning disabilities and dementia, which enhances the work created for wider audiences in public space.

As well as displaying new work, Liminal Creative will also present their past work Sirens at the Ferens Art Gallery in the Spring, as part of this residency. Sirens was commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust and created in partnership with Pan Intercultural Arts.

Louise Cole will be working in Gallery 11 at Ferens Art Gallery, and from Thursday 8 March will be available to chat to visitors between 11am and 1pm each week on Wednesdays (except 3 May).

Both the exhibition and the artist residency have been supported by Arts Council England.

Councillor Rob Pritchard, portfolio holder for culture said: “The spring offer at the Ferens Art Gallery is particularly strong with a new exhibition and an artist in residence on site at the same time. Both complement each other and offer unique experiences for the public to engage with. I recommend a visit to our stunning gallery this spring.” 

Sorcha Ni Foghluda, Community Curator at Ferens Art Gallery said: “We’ve been talking about some really interesting and important issues around identity and are so excited to share our ideas with visitors and the wider community.”

Claire Longrigg, Exhibitions Officer at Ferens Art Gallery, said: “We are thrilled that artist collective Liminal Creative will be the Ferens Artist in Residence for Spring 2023. We were impressed with Louise’s experience of working collaboratively, and her flexibility when it comes to working with young people and school groups. It is exciting to start making plans with Louise on how we can best support her to develop her practice as part of this residency.”

Louise Cole, Artist in Residence “I’m excited to have been selected as artist in residence and am eager to start exploring ideas around identity, with a particular focus on heritage and ancestry. Creating a new work specifically for the Ferens will be a great chance to engage with a new audience, one I’m very much looking forward to meeting and speaking to.”

Children and staff from Northcott School were on site to watch the crane lift in the new classrooms.