Roadworks are to take place in Hull.
Essential repairs to Willerby Road will be carried out later this year.

Weekly roadworks update

Work to improve the city’s roads continue in Hull.

Hull City Council has also launched the second stage of its ongoing transport survey, and is now asking people to share information on how far they travel, the routes they prefer to use and what would support them to walk and cycle more.

The second phase will also aim to understand how travel habits have changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the findings will form part of a wider engagement project designed to help plan the future of transport and roads in Hull.

Access the People’s Panel survey on the Hull City Council website or email or text panel to 07795 563 000.

Councillor Dean Kirk, portfolio holder for transportation, roads, highways and flood prevention, said: “We are entering a busy period for road improvements as we approach the autumn period, so I really urge people to consider how they travel by choosing a more sustainable mode of transport. Whether this is walking, cycling or getting the bus, these small changes will help improve journey times for everyone.”

A breakdown of planned works taking place across the city has been detailed below:

Location Start Date Due Date Reason Organisation Current Status
A63 Castle St Scheme – From St James Street to Market Place.


May 20 May 25 Lane closures and local diversions until completion of scheme. LGV diversion signed via ERYC to limit number of LGV’s in city centre. Highways England On Track
A63 Castle St Scheme – Closures May 20 May 25 Full Lane closures east & west bound. Highways England Planned
A63 – Myton Bridge 08 Sept 21 17 Sept 21 Closed o/night for Survey Works Highways England Planned
Stoneferry Rd Scheme  – Woodhall Street to Lorraine Ave Commenced 28 May 22 Installation of the Stoneferry Road Corridor capital program scheme. HCC MP&I (Colas) Ongoing
Stoneferry Rd Scheme – Chamberlain Road to Bandstand Roundabout 23 April 2021 25 June 22 Installation of the Stoneferry Road Corridor HCC MP&I ongoing
Stoneferry Rd Scheme  Sutton Road /Leads Road June 21  17 Sept 21 Reconstruction of junction. F/Way Only – Stoneferry Corridor works HCC  – MP&I Ongoing
Wiltshire Road (Full Length) 14 June 21 17 Oct 21 Excavate existing concrete carriageway and carry out any required concrete repairs.


HCC – MP&I Extended by 8 weeks.
Humber Street & High Street 21 June 21 30 Sept 21 Reconstruction of footpaths and road surface. HCC MP&I On Track
Spring Bank West 19 July 21 24 Sept 21 Essential Gas works NGN On Track
Priory Road 02 Aug 21 27 Sept 21 Carriageway & Footway re-construction & bus lanes/ Parking Bays HCC  – MP&I Started
Commercial Road 02 Aug 21 25 Oct 21 A63 Improvement scheme Highways England Planned
Beverley Road 23 Aug 21 20 Sept 21 Construction of off lane cycle track. Greenwood Avenue to Hall Road Outbound. HCC – MP&I Planned
Boulevard / Cromley Street 31 Aug 21 27 Sept 21 Excavation to install cable joint Cholmley Street roundabout NPG Started
Hessle Road 23 Aug 21 04 Sept 22 Footway scheme, reconstructions HCC- MPI Started
Saltshouse Road 10 Sept 21 24 Sept Cable Diversion MP&I Started
Beverley Road 31 Aug 21 21 Oct 21 Construction of off line cycle track. City boundary to Mizzen Road Inbound HCC – MP&I Planned
Holderness Rd/ Gangstead Road about 17.09.21 19.09.21 Telecoms Communications – Pole installation at the roundabout T Mobile Planned
Leads Road 14 Sept 21 14 Sept 21 Approach to Midmere Roundabout, appox 20 meters away Vodafone Planned
Beverley Road 21 Sept 21 13 Oct 21 Construction of off line cycle track. Greenwood Avenue to City Boundary Outbound HCC – MP&I Planned
Queen Street / Blanket Row 27 Sept 21 08 Oct 21 Junction or Blanket Row / Queen Street Resurfacing & Beal Home Sewer Collapse on Blanket Row HCC / Beal Homes working collaboratively Planned
Holderness Road  (Victor St to Southcoates) Sept 21 Sept 22 Full Footway reconstruction scheme. HCC- MP &I Planned
Air Street 27 Sept 21 22 Oct 21 Essential Gas Works – upgrades NGN Planning Stage
Inglemire Lane & Hall Road 27 Sept 21 10 Oct 21 Carriageway Resurfacing Scheme HCC- MPI Planning Stage
Queen Street 27 Sep 21 10 Oct 21 Resurfacing Scheme HCC – MP&I Planning Stage
Lowgate Footway scheme Sept 21 March 22 Footway repair scheme HCC  – MPI Planning Stage
Stoneferry Corridor 04 Oct 21 Jan 21 Carriageway Resurfacing throughout the whole scheme HCC- MPI Planning Stage
Beverley Road 14 Oct 21 04 Nov 21 Construction of off line cycle track. Hall Road to City Boundary Outbound HCC – MP&I Planned
Beverley Road 22 Oct 21 17 Nov 21 Construction of off line cycle track. Mizzen Road to Hall Road Inbound HCC – MP&I Planned
Priory Way October / November 21 August 22 Major widening and construction of three signalised junctions. HCC –  MP&I Planning Stage
Bowlalley Lane Oct 21 Oct 21 Footway Scheme HCC- MPI Refused
Silver Street 04 Jan22 31 Jan 22 Install of Automated raising bollards HCC- MPI Re-scheduled
Beverley Road LEP (Whole Length) Sept 21 Dec 21 Create Cycle lanes & Junction widening HCC- MPI Planning Stage
Stoneferry Rd Scheme – Sutton Road / Leads Road June 2021 December 21 Reconstruction of junction. C/Way  Stoneferry Corridor works HCC  – MP&I Delayed
Holderness Rd Oct ? Sept 22 Footway scheme, reconstructions HCC- MPI Planning Stage
Beverley Road 10 Oct 21 11 Nov 22 Brunswick Arcade Demolition HCC – MP&I Planned
Myton Bridge – Closures Next Year 2022 2 weeks 24/7 Essential Bridge Repairs Highways England Planning