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The findings of a health survey in Hull will be used to decide priorities across the city.

New data shows state of health in Hull

The latest Adult Health and Wellbeing Survey for Hull has provided a detailed picture on the physical and mental wellbeing of people in the city.

Participants answered a range of questions on their weight, activity levels, mental health, views on their communities, smoking, gambling, isolation and caring responsibilities in the survey, which was conducted in the summer.

The information will now be used to decide priorities across Hull City Council, the NHS and local partners and influence support and commissioned services.

Councillor Gwen Lunn, portfolio holder for Public Health and Adult Social Care, said: “The rich information gathered in this survey reinforces what we already know about health in the city in terms of high smoking and obesity rates, harmful drinking levels and financial concerns, and the fact problems are more concentrated in the areas which experience the highest levels of deprivation.

“While it is not exactly good news, it is very welcome. We can use what people have told us to continue to target support and services where they are needed most and to ensure we are reaching the people most in need.

Pieces of work like our alcohol hub in Bransholme, in-community support to stop smoking and very targeted work around children and families are examples of how we use our knowledge of what and where problems are to work as effectively as possible.

“There are also positive findings – 63 per cent of people have excellent, good or very good health and smoking rates are falling. While it is of concern that younger people are most likely to feel isolated, it challenges preconceptions to learn that those aged over 65 are least likely to feel isolated and is reassuring to know older people are less likely to experience loneliness than we might expect.”

Download and view the full report here.

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