Litter poll results

Earlier this month Hull City Council launched a public vote on plans to combat the issue of littering in Hull.

Following a month-long consultation, nearly 89 per cent of the public voted in favour of the Council engaging with an external company to enforce action against those who litter.

Councillor Alan Clark, Portfolio Holder with responsibility for Enforcement, said:

“The public have had their say and told us they want the city to be cleaner place.

“There is no excuse for littering, and we are fed up with the selfish minority who spoil the city for everyone.”

88.7 per cent of 970 respondents said they would support the council in expanding its enforcement action to fine those who drop litter.

Following the result, the Council will now progress plans to start a pilot project with a preferred litter enforcement operator.

By introducing a pilot scheme, it will help to inform timescales for a more permanent approach towards tackling litter in the long-term.

The aim is to have the pilot scheme up and running as soon as possible, with enforcement officers on the ground by the end of January.

Cllr Clark continued:

“By taking this course of action we will be able to effectively deal with the minority of people who commit this anti-social behaviour.

“We want a zero-tolerance crackdown on litter louts.”

Detailed plans around this scheme will be finalised at a Cabinet meeting, and forms part of a wider strategy designed to tackle the city’s various waste problems.