New technology installed on Stoneferry Road to protect cyclists
New 'intelligent road studs' have been installed on Stoneferry Road

New technology seeks to reduce collisions and congestion on busy Hull route

Innovative technology has been installed on a major route in the centre of the city, to help improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, as well as help reduce congestion and encourage more people to consider alternative means of travel.

In a UK first, Hull City Council, working with leading highway and transport technological solutions expert, Clearview Intelligence, installed several technologies to support active travel and reduce congestion as part of the major investment to improve the Stoneferry Road corridor, which was completed in November last year.

Among the solutions supplied and installed were ‘intelligent road studs’ at five intersections along the route to help ensure cyclists and motorists look out for each other.

The studs, which are located at the top of each intersection with Stoneferry Road, are connected to a system that detects a cyclist’s approach. This then activates the studs which illuminate and flash to warn motorists.

Journey time monitoring systems have also been activated along the route to provide motorists with real-time information, displayed on 18 variable message signs, about traffic flows and alternative route details to help avoid congested areas.

The council also estimated that the rail bridge on Stoneferry Road was being struck by over-height vehicles six times per year, on average. In addition to significant costs for vehicle removal and repairs, such incidents caused disruption to motorists and the travelling public and the rail network.

Using infrared sensors, an over-height vehicle detection system has been installed to warn heavy goods vehicle drivers of the low bridge on Stoneferry Road and advise them of other routes available in order to avoid bridge strikes.

New technologies installed along Stoneferry Road, Hull

Councillor Mark Ieronimo, portfolio holder for transportation, roads and highways at Hull City Council, said: “Stoneferry Road is a key travel route in and out of the city.

“Several issues were identified as requiring improvement along the corridor to benefit all members of the travelling public. This included the need to enhance safety for cyclists and implement ways to reduce congestion and improve air quality in the area.

“The recent programme of improvements along Stoneferry Road have helped address these issues, with the technological solutions introduced by the council and Clearview Intelligence making cycling safer, journey times for motorists and the travelling public much improved and the damage to vital infrastructure much less likely.

“We also hope that these improvements, longer term, will encourage even more residents to take up cycling as a leisure activity and as a means of travel for short journeys or for their daily commute.”

Pete Cattell, head of technical sales at Clearview Intelligence, said: “It has been a pleasure working with the team from Hull City Council over the past couple of years and it was particularly satisfying that they involved Clearview early in the process of this collaboration.

“Early engagement allowed us to proactively work together in understanding Hull City Council’s aims and have a better understanding of the challenges. This enabled us to demonstrate where and how we could add value and determine what was going to be technically possible. This ultimately resulted in a better outcome for Hull City Council, while enhancing the safety of cyclists and pedestrians along the Stoneferry Corridor.”

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