Display shows the front of Hull Minster in wood with a snow scene in front.
Church of Tree is free to view in Trinity Market throughout December

Trinity Market’s Christmas artist showcase goes on display

A new Christmas art piece has gone on show at Trinity Market, courtesy of local artist Keith Key.

Tasked with displaying different pieces over a year, Keith’s festive offering is named ‘Church of Tree’.

Taking three months to complete, it depicts a scene at the front of Hull Minster in a bygone age of Christmas. Although it displays a warming Christmas scene, the context of piece reflects how we could not survive on this planet without trees and the importance of sustainable forestry.

The hand-carved piece is based on the front view of Hull Minster, and the piece is made from a number of reclaimed roof timbers/sarking boards courtesy of Beverley Minster and its refurbishment during 2022.

Speaking about the piece, Keith said: “The date of the sarking board has been confirmed to be from the 1600s and the trees from which the timbers came lived at least a hundred years before. Alongside the artwork is the story of its creation, and a poem reflecting the true value of our trees to our society.”

Keith Key and the Church of Tree display

Church of Tree is on display at the Hull Trinity Market throughout December. 

Visitors are invited to buy a battery candle from the Near and Fair fair trade stall and leave it in front of the piece in memory of a loved one. All monies raised will go to the PATT (Plant A Tree Today) foundation which works in reforesting the local region and encouraging sustainable foresting.

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