Ferensway in Hull

Motorist caught speeding at 70mph in Beverley Road

Drivers in Hull are being warned to observe speed limits after a motorist was recorded speeding at 70mph in Beverley Road.

A second motorist was also detected driving at 80mph along the 40mph limit in Roger Millward Way, Hull.

It comes after Safer Roads Humber focused their enforcement activity in high-risk areas and are particularly concerned about the A63 and A15, where average speeds are now around 80mph –  which is 10mph over the 70mph national speed limit.

Some motorists were also caught in excess of 100mph on the motorways, with top speeds of 130mph and 114mph.

Ruth Gore, spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber, said: “We appreciate that speed enforcement may not seem to be an essential service at the current time. However, it is now more important than ever to ensure that motorists drive safely and appropriately within the speed limit at all times.

“Whilst the roads are emptier, it may be tempting for drivers to put their foot down, but an increase in speed reduces reaction times if anything should happen and the severity of injury increases.

“The emergency services are under intense pressure at the moment and if an injury crash occurs then the ambulance services, as well as the police and fire service, will have to attend. Anyone injured would be taken to hospital, taking health care staff away from other patients with possibly greater needs.”

On average, there are 274 people injured in road crashes in the Humber region each month, with 230 resulting in slight injuries and 44 seriously injured or killed.

The partnership is urging all drivers to slow down and concentrate on the road ahead. It urges drivers not to get distracted by mobile phones or other electronic devices and recommends drivers put devices in the glove box while driving. Drivers are urged never to drink or drug drive and always wear a seat belt. Read more here.

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