Councillor Stephen Brady
Councillor Stephen Brady, Leader of Hull City Council.

Coronavirus: how we’re managing local outbreaks

Hull’s Coronavirus Outbreak Prevention and Management Plan has been approved by Hull City Council. Cllr Stephen Brady is Leader of the Council, and chair of the elected-member led Hull Outbreak Control Engagement Board, which focuses on engaging with local communities and partners. He said the plan was a powerful tool to tackle Coronavirus. However, he said it would only work if local residents and partners continued to play their part.

Cllr Brady said: “I want everyone in Hull to be reassured that we’re doing all that we can to protect you. Our colleagues in public health and protection, as well as partners across the city, have been safely identifying, managing and containing local cases of Coronavirus throughout this pandemic. We’re not new to this and, even before the emergence of Coronavirus, we had a team of people within the council with significant experience in containing outbreaks of contagious diseases.

“I also want to thank you all, because we are currently managing to keep Hull’s Coronavirus rate relatively low – while we take every case seriously, our rate is currently below the national and regional average. That’s down to you. You have all played a huge part in this, by taking care of yourselves and each other through social distancing and other measures; taking note of the latest information on Coronavirus symptoms; and taking action to isolate and get a test when you’ve needed to. We can only keep the rate low if you keep this up.

“To reinforce how vital your part in this is, we’re preparing to launch a high-visibility campaign about the symptoms of Coronavirus and how and when to isolate or get a test. Keeping this city safe will require a concerted effort from all of us. We want to help you do your bit by making it absolutely clear what you can do to protect our communities. We’ll also be sharing a weekly update on the Coronavirus rate in the city because we understand this is information you want.

“I’d like to reassure people that while they won’t always see the work we’re doing to prevent and manage outbreaks, that’s no bad thing. We have had a number of small outbreaks in Hull already – in every case these have been quickly and effectively contained without any risk to the wider public. Should we see an outbreak at any point which does put people at risk, we will immediately let you know and tell you what you must do to stay safe.

“Minimising the risk from this virus is a job for all of us. Individually, locally, regionally and nationally. None of us can do this alone. The council is part of a team made up of local partners and those across the wider Humber region, including our neighbouring authorities. We also rely significantly on the support of the government and national organisations such as Public Health England (PHE).

“The past few months have proved what we already knew – that people in Hull are strong, resilient and care about each other. I want to again thank all of you for your efforts to protect each other and ask that you do not stop now.  Do it to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, do it for your community and your city – and we will continue to get through this together.”

Get the latest advice on Coronavirus, including symptoms, how to isolate and how to book a test here:

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