The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of roadworks.

Weekly roadworks update

Hull is in the midst of a huge transformation to its transport system, with major works taking place across the city, including the A63, Stoneferry Corridor and critical utility repairs.

The current works are being undertaken by a number of organisations in addition to Hull City Council, including Highways England and Northern Gas Networks, with scheduled works from Northern Powergrid.

The works are coordinated across the network to avoid pinch points, however the works currently taking place are essential.

Motorists are advised to plan their journey before travelling using One.Network, and to keep up-to-date with Stoneferry Corridor works download the Hello Travaux app on the App Store on Google Play.

Below is a breakdown of the roadworks currently taking place in Hull.

Organisation Location Start date Completion date Traffic management Status
Hull City Council (Stoneferry Corridor) Foster Street to Sutton Road Commenced May 2022 Lane closures plus portable traffic signals at Woodhall Street junction Ongoing
Hull City Council (Stoneferry Corridor) Holwell Road to Mount Pleasant junction 23 April 25 June 2022 Lane and footpath closures plus portable pedestrian crossing in use Ongoing
Highways England (A63 improvements) St James Street to Marketplace May 2020 May 2025 Lane closure Ongoing
Hull City Council Holwell Road to Sutton Road 10 May 25 June Lane closure Ongoing
Hull City Council Cottingham Road 24 May 18 June Lane closure Ongoing
Hull City Council Cranbrook Avenue 24 May 6 June Road closure with  a diversion in place Ongoing
Hull City Council Madeley Street 24 May 24 June Closures of some section of footpath and lane closure Ongoing
Northern Gas Networks Greenwood Avenue 24 May 16 July Footpath closures Ongoing
Northern Gas Networks Lowgate 31 May 13 June Closure Ongoing
Hull City Council Sutton Road Bridge 1 June 4 June Closure Ongoing
Northern Powergrid Stockholm Road 7 June 25 June Multiway signals Scheduled
Hull City Council Beverley Road (road repairs outside No.712 and 772) 10 June 14 June Lane closure Scheduled
Hull City Council Dunvegan Road 14 June 1 August Phased lane closures Scheduled
Hull City Council Wiltshire Road 14 June 22 August Traffic management Scheduled
Hull City Council Humber Street and High Street 14 June 30 September Road closure, lane closures and footpath closure. Works will halt for Humber Street Sesh. Scheduled
Hull City Council (Stoneferry Corridor) Sutton Road June 2021 December 2021 Traffic control (multi-way signals) Scheduled
Hull City Council Priory Way October 2021 August 2022 Lane closures Scheduled

Councillor Dean Kirk, portfolio holder for highways said: “The emergency repair work in Sutton Bridge will finish tonight, offering much more efficient journey times for motorists using this route

“It is important to note that the roadworks taking place in Hull are being undertaken by a number of organisations including Hull City Council, Highways England and Northern Gas Networks. The works are coordinated across the network to avoid pinch points, however the works currently taking place are essential.

“With the major upgrade by Highways England on the A63 taking place until 2025, any road repair the council or a utility company undertakes will inevitably cause some motorists double disruption. This is why we have listened to the public and chosen to do the vital Sutton Road Bridge emergency repairs over the half term break, when there is much lower traffic levels, to minimise disruption and also why we have postponed some of the Stoneferry Road works this week whilst this is happening.

“We do, however, understand the frustrations about the impact of these works and apologise for the inconvenience they are causing.”