Pearson Park.
Pearson Park.

Pearson Park targeted by thieves and vandals

The refurbishment of Pearson Park is being compromised by thieves and vandals.

Contractors on site are reporting the repetitive theft of new planting and damage to recently planted sapling trees.

Hull City Council is ensuring that each act is reported to Humberside Police and CCTV is operating in the park. Additional security measures are also been put into place.

Councillor John Fareham, Chairman of the Pearson Park Trust, said: “It is incredibly disappointing to see these mindless acts of vandalism taking place at Pearson Park.

“The project to refurbish the park is for all the residents of this city to enjoy, so it is deeply upsetting to see a small number inconsiderate individuals attempting to spoil that.”

The park’s refurbishment is on track to be completed later this summer, however damage of this nature means that plants are having to be regularly replaced, which is impacting deadlines on the project and on the enjoyment of the results of the refurbishment work.

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