Mr Longwa teaches modern foreign languages to year 10 Kelvin Hall students via live on-line lessons

Secondary schools developing online learning for pupils

Secondary schools in Hull have been developing how they deliver online learning to pupils.

Secondary schools have remained open for key worker and vulnerable children only since the end of March, and have now invited back some pupils from year 10 from the end of June.

The majority of students across secondary schools remain learning from home and schools in the city have developed how they ensure pupils continue with the curriculum at home.

Malet Lambert School, part of the Education Alliance Trust, began delivering lessons online via the Online Learning Platform as soon as lockdown happened, and have since moved to using Google Classroom for every subject.

Pamela Tarbet, assistant head of Malet Lambert Secondary School said; “Every pupil is invited to join a virtual classroom, and from next week every subject will be delivered to each pupil via Google Classroom. It allows students to submit their work and to ask teachers questions on their subject or piece of work they are undertaking that day.”

The school is now using voice recording app Loom so students can hear teachers explain tasks and discuss subjects.

Pamela said: “We have done a survey on remote learning with our year 10s and the feedback has been that while pupils miss being in the classroom, many enjoy being able to access learning when it suits them best, and prioritise work in their own way. It allows them to work at their own pace and provides flexibility of lessons, whilst also allowing students to connect with their teacher when they need to.”

Pamela Talbet, assistant head at Malet Lambert, provides online lessons via Google Classroom.

Pamela Tarbet, assistant head at Malet Lambert, provides online lessons via Google Classroom.

Google Classroom allows students to instant message their teachers during the normal school hours and teachers can respond instantly.

Schools also provide paper packs of work to students who cannot access online learning.

At Kelvin Hall Secondary School, part of the Yorkshire and Humber Co-operative Learning Trust, more than 80 percent of students complete work using Google Classroom.

The school offers students live online lessons each week for modern foreign languages and option subjects, such as RE and drama. Around 75 percent of students attend the live lessons, with students being able to see their teacher and interact via the chat box function. Newland School for Girls, within the same Academy Trust, sees 90 percent engagement in live lessons each week.

Claire Keddy, head of teaching school at Kelvin Hall said: “It’s amazing how adaptable and resilient the students and teachers have been, and we will certainly continue some elements of online learning into the future for things such as homework, targeted projects and curriculum catch up.”

Portfolio Holder for learning and skills, Councillor Peter Clark said: “I am delighted that the national curriculum has continued to be delivered to children across the city, and whilst it is very different, our schools and pupils have done an excellent job in adapting.”

All Academy Trusts work together through the Hull Learning Partnership.

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