The Guildhall in Hull.
The Guildhall in Hull.

Statement on provision of travellers site on Bedford Street

The proposal to extend the travellers site on Bedford Street was granted conditional approval at a Planning Committee meeting at the Guildhall today with 10 votes for, 0 against and two abstentions.

Councillor Aneesa Akbar, Portfolio Holder for Gypsies and Travellers said:

“Hull prides itself on being an inclusive, welcoming city, therefore it is important that we create this stopping place for the traveller community and additional permanent provision. We have spent considerable time searching for an appropriate site for both permanent traveller and the stopping place and this decision today confirms we have now found one.

“The city currently does not offer any temporary provision for travellers so this site will offer this much-needed provision and in future, should reduce the number of unauthorised encampments. It will also make more effective use of an area of the city which is currently disused.

“The need for these sites was identified in the Local Plan which was adopted in 2017 and since this date of adoption the Council has considered many sites across the city before determinising this to be the most appropriate site. The Local Plan identified a need for 25 stopping places and the need for 9 permanent pitches by 2032 with a minimum of 3 pitches to be provided by 2021. This proposal seeks to redress the balance and honour the council’s commitment to meet the needs of the travelling community, as identified in the Local Plan.”