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The How Are You Feeling? website has been developed with the help of young people.

Survey asks young people in Hull how they’re coping during coronavirus pandemic

Young people in Hull are being asked how they are coping with their emotional and mental health during the coronavirus lockdown.

Headstart Hull has launched the anonymous survey for young people aged 10 to 25. It was developed by the city’s voice and influence team on behalf of Hull City Council and Hull CCG.

The survey, which takes about five minutes to complete, was co-produced with young volunteers to make sure the questions were relevant and understandable.

The survey will be recirculated at three-week intervals until the October half-term.

Gail Teasdale, HeadStart Hull programme manager, said: “This survey is important as we need to hear from young people and parents about how the corona virus lockdown has impacted on their mental health.

“We know the current situation has been difficult for many young people and for parents and we want to ensure we better understand the challenges they face.

“The survey was developed with young people so that we can understand what are their worried and concerns now but also how things change as the situation changes and lockdown eases.”

Complete the survey here.

For more information and support, visit howareyoufeeling.org.uk

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